Alla Dze was born in the Soviet Union in a place called Grodno (now Belorussia) in 1984. However she grew up in Riga where she lived with her parents.

During her school years Alla studied Music, played the piano and sang in a choir at school. She was also involved in sports and, of course, drawing that was her favourite activity since birth.

In 2005 Alla Dze finished BA degree in Civil Engineering (Riga Technical University) and then decided to continue her education and started MA programme (Latvian Agricultural University). In 2010 she completed MBA degree at the Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration.
Alla Dze also took private Art classes and her tutors were great professionals from the Latvian Academy of Arts.
In 2009 Alla lived in London and studied the British Art Culture and Business. Currently she lives in Riga but spends a lot of time on travelling and performing art works.

"Art is my way of harmony. Therefore, my works are so colourful and I use rich deep tones. I believe that my art works are vivid. I love impressionism and I always try new techniques and materials for further development of my skills".